Boombuds XR+ - True Wireless Earbuds
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boombuds XR+Boombuds XR+ - high quality wireless earphones with Bluetooth 5

true wireless earbuds

Boombuds XR+, our ultimate in sound & freedom. Three integrated equalizer settings enable you to choose how you want to hear your music. Ergonomic design and IPX7 waterproof rating ensure a comfortable fit in any situation, indoors or out.

Perfectly packaged in its own travel charging case that can charge wirelessly, extending playtime by up to 20 hours!


Volume control

3 EQ settings

Instant connect

Secure fit

Wireless charging

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Boombuds XR+ - True Wireless Earbuds

instant connection.

The very latest Bluetooth 5 built-in making boombuds XR+ simple, remove from the case and play, simple right!

Boompods designed, multi-layered circuity prioritize the Bluetooth antenna, giving 100% stability between the 2 earpieces with no break out.

IPX7 waterproof

made for all seasons.

Designed to be durable, IPX7 means you can actually wear these underwater! We don’t recommend this as Bluetooth complications via your music device and the earbuds are limited by current Bluetooth technology, but if you want to take into the shower, run in a thunderstorm or splash about the pool we have you coved, basically, we engineered boombuds XR+ to do more than they should, better to be safe right...


Boompods Boombuds XR+ right bud
Boompods Boombuds XR+ left bud


Boompods Boombuds XR+ Supports wireless charging

look no wire anywhere.

Comes with its own charging case that has wireless recharging capabilities, simply place your case onto any universally compatible charging pad, and as if by magic it will recharge!


Boompods ERGOFIT - extreme fit

extreme fit.

Boompods most secure fitting earbud. designed to fit all around the inside of the ear so even the most severe flips or inverted rotation manoeuvre / or run for the bus these are staying put!


Boompods Boombuds XR+ EQ Play

music your way.

Sometimes it’s hard to please everyone, right? Same with headphones, it’s difficult to find one model that sound good across all music types and if you love all kinds of music like we do at Boompods then the inbuilt 3 EQ settings are for you. Choose from: Bass Boost, Vocal Boost or Boompods Studio settings. We are confident that these 3 settings will cover all music styles.


Volume Play

it's the little things that count.

To keep true wireless earbuds compact it’s rare that volume control is included on the earbuds themselves so you have to refer to your phone/music device for this control. Not with Boombuds XR, we have included volume control making the experience simply better.

size matters.

Select from the different sizes to find your perfect fit, this will not only keep them securely in place it will optimise the sound giving you big bass and a well-balanced experience.

Boompods Boombuds XR+ left bud



in the box

  • Boombuds XR+ in-ear earphones
  • Remote with mic, play/pause and switch track options
  • Charging case (providing 20 hours playback time)
  • Spare ear cups
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • 2 year limited warranty


technical specs

Name:Boombuds XR+
Wireless Charging:
Microphone & Remote
Charge time:1 - 2 hours
Play time:4.5 hours
Charging case:
20 additional hours playing time
Colours:Grey Forest