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Find lost items with Apple’s Find My app and Boomcard, made from 100% ocean-bound plastic for sustainability. Introducing the thin, credit card size Tracker – Boomcard is your companion for easy tracking with the Find My App.

Are you tired of constantly misplacing your valuable belongings, or worse your wallet? Say goodbye to the days of frantically searching, with this slender wallet credit card Shaped Tracker. You can keep track of your possessions effortlessly, all while contributing to a sustainable future by being made from reclaimed ocean-bound plastic.

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Boompods are proud to announce their partnership with #tide ocean SA. #tide is a company based in Basel, Switzerland. Working together with social enterprises in Southeast Asia, to collect plastic waste that threatens our oceans.

Boompods Boomcards are made from Ocean Material

But how is this possible? I mean, this was plastic waste!
Yes. But when it comes to the most commonly used materials we’re collecting, for instance PET bottles, this waste already had food grade during its first lifecycle. After collecting it, our local teams are washing and sorting the plastic, which is then shredded into flakes.

After this step, the innovative technology we have developed with the Swiss University of Applied Sciences OST, takes over: We transform these flakes into pellets in a pure mechanical process, neither chemicals nor virgin plastics are being added.

We use the latest technology and apply physical methods (vacuum, decompression, degassing, melting) to transform waste and extend the molecular chains of these wasted polymers. The result is a strong, clean and reliable material.

Boompods - BOOMCARDS are made from Ocean Material - Click for more info on #tide

How do I work?

Boomcard attaches to your stuff and uses the Apple 'Find My' app to help you find them.

Seamless Find My App Integration: Boomcard effortlessly syncs with the Find My app on your Apple smartphone, allowing you to track your items with precision, providing real-time location updates directly on your phone.

Boompods - BOOMCARDS - Works with Apple Find My.

Boompods - BOOMTAGS work with the Apple Find My app

Your BOOMCARD emits a secure Bluetooth signal that nearby devices within the Find My network can pick up. These devices relay the location of your BOOMCARD to iCloud. You can then access this information through the Find My app, where it's displayed on a map. This entire procedure is designed to maintain your anonymity and is safeguarded with encryption to ensure your privacy is protected. Moreover, it's highly efficient, so you need not be concerned about battery drain or excessive data consumption.

It's good to have help!

If you happen to misplace your item when you're far from home, the Find My app relies on a vast community of hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices worldwide to assist you in tracking down your belongings.

Boompods - BOOMCARDS working with the Apple Find My app on iPhone

Under your nose
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Under your nose

Running late for work and can't find your wallet? No worries, grab your phone, open the Find My app, and activate your Boomcard smart tracker, with a 94dB alert, to quickly locate them.


That will do nicely

Boomcard is designed to seamlessly fit into your wallet, offering a discreet yet powerful solution to locate your belongings. Boomcard also has a convenient hole so you can easily attach it to many of your prized possessions. Equipped with cutting-edge Bluetooth technology, Boomcard syncs effortlessly with the 'Apple Find My' app, allowing you to track the whereabouts of your wallet, keys, or any other valuable item.

Boompods - BOOMCARDS easily slipped into you wallet or bag.

in the box

  • Boompods Boomcard Finder - made from ocean-bound material


technical specs

Name: Boomcard Finder - Made from ocean-bound material
Bluetooth: v5.2
Size: 85.5mm (width) x 54mm (height) x 2.8mm (depth)
IPX Rating: IPX 7 Waterproof
Battery Type: 3V 540mAh
Battery Lifespan: 2-3 years
Colours: Black