Boompods Braided USB-C to USB-A - formed from Ocean Material
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Braided USB-C to USB-A

Made for USB Type C
The outer braided material is manufactured from ocean-bound plastic. With local social enterprise, the plastic is separated, cleansed, and turned into yarn, creating our incredibly strong cable. Finished with an aluminium shield and included Velcro cable-tidy.

bend tested

ocean plastic

1.5M cable

fast charge
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Boompods are proud to announce their partnership with #tide ocean SA. #tide is a company based in Basel, Switzerland. Working together with social enterprises in Southeast Asia, to collect plastic waste that threatens our oceans.

Boompods Trio Cable - made from Ocean Material

But how is this possible? I mean, this was plastic waste!
Yes. But when it comes to the most commonly used materials we’re collecting, for instance PET bottles, this waste already had food grade during its first lifecycle. After collecting it, our local teams are washing and sorting the plastic, which is then shredded into flakes.

After this step, the innovative technology we have developed with the Swiss University of Applied Sciences OST, takes over: We transform these flakes into pellets in a pure mechanical process, neither chemicals nor virgin plastics are being added.

We use the latest technology and apply physical methods (vacuum, decompression, degassing, melting) to transform waste and extend the molecular chains of these wasted polymers. The result is a strong, clean and reliable material.

Boompods USB C to USB A braided cable - formed from #tide Ocean Material

Supports fast charging

This USB C cable supports a powerful 60W(20V/3A) output, for example a Galaxy S23 can be charged to 60% in 30 mins.

Boompods USB C to USB A braided cable, showing USB connectors



Ocean bound plastic has been used to weave an incredibly durable cover, bringing a second life to floating ocean plastic. The Boompods designed flexible ends hold the cable tight but still allows internal movement, this stops internal fractures over time.

Boompods USB C to USB A braided cable, bend tested over 12,000 times



1.5m / 5-foot allows you to easily charge in the car or from your night stand etc. giving you plenty of room. Equally, if you don't need it long, use the Boompods Velcro cable management included.


Supports most USB-C smartphones, tablets, and laptops

Galaxy S23 / S22 Ultra
Redmi Note10 / Mi11
Pixel 7 Pro / 7 / 6 Pro / 6 / 5
Huawei P50 / P30
iPhone 15
iPhone 15 Plus
iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPad Pro 2021
Air 5
MacBook Pro
Oculus Quest