Boompods Halo Speaker
Boompods - Halo Speaker with beat - driven loghts
Boompods - Halo Speaker with beat - driven loghts Boompods - Halo Speaker laying down Boompods - Halo Speaker at an angle


Powerful 12 Watt stereo wireless speaker with 5 light modes that can sync to your music or set as mood lighting. IPX6 rugged waterproof construction also makes this the perfect speaker to use around the house, by the pool or on an outdoor adventure. Dual-pair 2 speakers for extra BOOM and true stereo power!

Robust – Shock resistant

Beat-driven lights, with 5 light modes

IPX6 water resistance

10 hours play

Take calls – Siri or Google Assistant

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Boompods - Halo Speaker

Elevate your audio experience with a speaker that boasts mesmerising LED lights with five dynamic settings. The lights pulse and sync to the beat of your music, creating a captivating visual display that complements the sound. Whether it's a party or a relaxing evening, the synchronised light show adds a touch of magic to any moment.

Boompods - Halo speaker, with beat driven lights


Experience powerful bass and immersive sound with the 12-watt speaker featuring cutting-edge internal bass port technology. Feel the music come alive as the deep, resonating bass fills the room. Whether it's your favourite playlist or a thrilling movie, this speaker delivers an audio experience bigger than its size.

Boompods - Halo Outdoor wireless speaker


Bring your entertainment to life by pairing two speakers together to create a dynamic stereo setup. Not only will you enjoy immersive sound, but the LED lights will also synchronise to the bass, enhancing the visual experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in a symphony of light and sound, elevating your audio-visual enjoyment to a whole new level.

Boompods - Halo bluetooth speaker, pair two together


With added rubber grips, these speakers stay firmly in place in any environment, ensuring stability during your adventures. Their IPX6 rating provides protection against water, making them safe to use even in rainy conditions. So, whether you're camping, hiking, or having a poolside party, these speakers are ready to accompany you with their superior performance and durability.